Project and investment management

Project and investment management

We believe that comprehensive project management, covering all areas and phases of the project is essential for its success.

KUN has extensive experience in the management, direction and coordination of large projects, always seeking to maximize their profitability.

Knowledge of the environment in which the projects are developed, as well as the professionals with whom collaboration relationships are maintained, are necessary and fundamental elements in order to manage the projects with guarantees for investors.

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Alliances and corporate operations

The way to grow or to continue to maintain a good position in the market may involve acquiring another company or relinquishing one business to make another more viable. The multitude of situations that can come into question with a corporate operation make the following fundamental elements to take into account in a company’s strategy.

  • An accurate valuation.
  • Creating the company’s portfolio, its strengths and business.
  • Preparing financial statements and human resources assessments for the operation.
  • Conduct of “Due Diligence”
  • On-going support until the final process of the operation.
  • Creation of new companies or forging of alliances resulting from the process.

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Company valuations

After more than 20 years’ experience of conducting corporate operations and company valuations, together with the acquisition of new valuation tools, our team, has a very well-refined vision to arrive at a value after considering a multitude of variables.

This experience is a fundamental factor in assessing such complicated matters where many objective and subjective variables come into play in this type of operation. By thus providing sufficient backing and reasoning for the valuation, the final value can be judged with confidence.

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Expert reports and analyses

The development of business activity in an increasingly competitive and complex world means that certain actions within a company must be carried out with maximum legal and economic security.

To this end, one of our experts in the field, who due to his or her training and experience can prepare reports on a wide range of subjects such as economics, accounting, HR, etc., can be called upon as necessary.

The expert can help companies with different objectives:

  • Evaluation of judicial or extrajudicial conflicts in order to dimension them from an economic point of view and/or to look for solutions from a commercial point of view.
  • Leading negotiation processes or helping to establish them, providing an independent view with greater objectivity.
  • Critically analysing purported expert reports by other parties.
  • Drawing up detailed economic reports for the Public Administration arising from public contracts and defending them in court.
  • Analysis and preparation of internal reports for decision making, definition of strategies, or formation of independent points of view for Boards of Directors.

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Public Administration

The complexity of Public Administrations and their functioning means that the relationship between companies and the Administration can be complex.

The consultancy in Public Administration is based on:

  • Legislative analysis of regulations to be complied with in the client’s business activities.
  • Advice on bidding and contracting under all administrations: local, regional, state and European.
  • Compliance with and implementation of the terms of all Public Sector Contracts Law.
  • Advice on and management and processing of complex licenses in environmental, urban planning, business activity or non-profit entity matters.

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